Related sites

Australian Tax office - information for individuals
Official site of the Australian Tax Office with information on income tax for individuals. However, information can be difficult to find and some of the calculators are difficult to use.

Individual income tax rates (ATO)
A list of the current income tax brackets.

Low-income tax offset (LITO)
In addition to the Tax Free threshold for low income earners, there is also a low income tax offset that further reduces income tax.

Information on the Australian Medicare scheme. Rates vary depending on individuals family circumstances.

Superannuation Guarantee
Superannuation Guarantee is the term for the compulsory superannuation contributions made by an employer.

HELP, SSL and TSL repayments
Information on mandatory repayment schedules for: Higher Education Loan Program (HELP, previously known as HECS); Trade Support Loan (TSL); Student Start-up Loans (SSL) and Student Financial Supplement Loans (SFSS) are outlined on the ATO site and increase annually in accordance with inflation.